Recap for March 2024

Owlto Finance
2 min readApr 11, 2024


  1. User Growth: Surpassed 1.5M total addresses within 10 months, with a monthly growth rate exceeding 70%

2. Accomplished over 1.5M transfers from/to @BSquaredNetwork

3. In the campaign of Owlto x Base MEME BANG, the reward token $DEGEN increased by 5x

4. In the Bridging to Mantle campaign, a $30,000 allowance has been given back to Owlto community

5. Was the first to respond to the safety issue of @Blast_L2 to secure users’ assets

6. Released the song of Owlto generated by our community via @suno_ai_


  1. ETH Eco: Provided fast support for @zkLinkNova, @injective EVM, @AstarNetwork, and @fraxfinance

2. BTC Eco: Supported @BTClayer2 mainnet and @MerlinLayer2, continuously exploring BTC Eco!


  1. Established exciting partnerships with @Magicswap_xyz, @0xMeowProtocol, @blastnsdomains @DYORSWAPDEX, @townstorygamefi, @Gamerboom_, @UltiverseDAO, @HoldstationW, @USDV_Money, @zkLinkNova

2. Co-hosted side event with @kroma_network and @izumi_Finance during @eth_seoul_ in Korea

3. Co-hosted Twitter Space with @kroma_network to reveal #Galxe Kroma Pro Gamers Campaign on 20th Mar, and hosted AMA session and discussed New era of Layer2 after Dencun and the meme coins fever with @Scroll_ZKP, @izumi_Finance and @SynFuturesDefi on 26th Mar.

Function Updates

  1. Referral Program Phase 1.0: Added USDC/USDT as eligible commission rewards, alongside ETH, with $60,000 in the commission total pool.

2. Owlto Daily Check-in 2.0: Supported checking-in on @zksync Era, @MantaNetwork, @BNBCHAIN, opBNB, @LineaBuild, @kroma_network, @Scroll_ZKP, and @Blast_L2

3. Smart Contract Deployment: Supported deploying on following networks: @zksync Era, @Scroll_ZKP, @modenetwork, @LineaBuild, @kroma_network, @base, @Blast_L2

4. Paymaster: Expanded the payment options to include USDC/USDT for bridging fees

In March, Owlto achieved a series of remarkable milestones, and there are much more thrilling updates and advancements to be expected from #owltofinance!



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