Recap for January 2024

Owlto Finance
2 min readApr 11, 2024


1. We have surpassed 220K followers on Owlto’s Twitter account.

2. The number of transaction addresses has surpassed 600K, with a monthly growth rate of 50%.

3. The number of daily check-ins in January has exceeded 2 M.

4. The number of minted inscribe in January has exceeded 300K.

5. We have achieved an impressive 99.97% agreement with the @metis community.


1. #BTC Eco: Owlto has supported @MapProtocol,@BTClayer2

BTC layer2 and embrace #Bitcoin ecosystem

2. #ETH Eco: Owlto has supported @Blast_L2, @MetisL2 networks, as well as the #wstETH token.

3. Large Amount Transfer: We’ve successfully integrated with @circle’s CCTP.

4. Others: We’ve also integrated the @SpaceIDProtocol web3 name SDK and supports domains(.manta)


1. We are excited to announce our partnerships with @LogX_trade,@rido_crypto, @BASCAN_io, @zkSwap_finance, @horizondex_io and @MetaleProtocol

2.We’ve hosted AMAs with @BitgetWallet and @MetisL2, providing valuable insights and fostering community engagement.

Function Updates

1. Our EVM Inscribe Tool has been updated to mint multiple inscriptions with single-signature or confirmation.

2. Token balances for each network have been added, making it convenient to check financial status and allocate funds through bridges.

3. We have expanded our network support with the addition of @kroma_network, @LineaBuild, @BNBCHAIN, opBNB, and @MantaNetworkfor Daily Checkin.

Owlto is still a young 7-month-old owl baby. It’s growing steadily and relies on the community’s understanding and support.



Owlto Finance

Owlto Finance is an intent-centric interoperability protocol, “Bridge the World with AI Agent".