Recap for February 2024

Owlto Finance
1 min readApr 11, 2024


  1. User Growth: 880k+ user addresses, with over 46.66% monthly growth rate

2. User Distribution: 150+ different countries/religions

3. DAU: 100k+(peak) , 80k+(average)

4. Ranked the 3rd during the Galxe Blast Takeover Campaign


  1. Wallet: listed on @Web3WithBinance as one of the most popular bridges

2. ETH Eco: fast support for @modenetwork and exclusive support for @zksync lite network

3. BTC Eco: continued exploring BTC Eco and supported @BSquaredNetwork

4. Zeta Eco: the first third-party bridge to support @zetablockchain


  1. Exciting partnerships with @Web3WithBinance, @Mode, @BSquaredNetwork, @rawr_trade, @TrustaLabs, @Micro3io, and @dottaikodomains.

2. Co-hosted @MantaNetwork Ecosystem Meetup in HK and sponsored @okxweb3 Web3 Night in Denver, USA.

3. Conducted insightful interview with @LineaBuild

4. Co-hosted AMA session with @BSquaredNetwork

Function Updates

  1. Added @Scroll_ZKP network for check-ins and received owltors’ monthly checkin achievement feedback

2. Introduced @Starknet Airdrop Batch Query for easy result searching

3. Implemented Transaction Support System for owltors to provide feedback and resolve issues.

February was a month filled with remarkable achievements,stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments from #owltofinance!



Owlto Finance

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