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3 min readSep 19, 2023

Greetings, Owltors! Owlto Star II is making a comeback! In order to establish a more decentralized organization and encourage greater Owltors from our community. This time around, we have prepared an array of enjoyable and engaging gifts, as well as exciting new directions. We eagerly await the return of each and every one of you. Let’s join forces and shape the future of Owlto, a space filled with creativity and vitality. We can’t wait to reconnect with all of you!

What is the Owlto Star?

Owlto Star is an international growth program created by the Owlto_Finance community. This program is an exciting opportunity for individuals from around the globe to come together and drive the growth of the Owlto.

What is the goal of Owlto Star?

The Owlto Star project aims to provide participants with the resources, guidance, and community support they need to succeed in the Web3 field. Whether you are an experienced veteran or new to the world of crypto, the Owlto Star project is the perfect way to elevate your knowledge and skills to new heights and become a growing part of the Owlto community.

Who can join Owlto Star?

We welcome all users who are interested in the Rollup solution in Layer 2 to experience our Owlto-Finance cross-rollup bridge and participate in the Owlto Star Program with the completion of these two prerequisites

  1. Follow Owlto_Finance on Twitter for all major announcements.
  2. Join our Discord. By joining our Discord community, you can become a part of our team and enjoy the benefits of our platform.

Program Structure

Rewards Details

  • When it comes to assessing high quality, our evaluation criteria will be more diverse this time. However, the primary focus will be on creativity — how meme-worthy, entertaining, and memorable the content is. We want to leave a lasting impression and even bring out our inner owl by being imaginative and fun. It’s no longer just only about data metrics or content quality.
  • When it comes to measuring buzz, we place greater emphasis on the level of discussion and engagement sparked by the topic, such as the number of discussions generated or the exposure through shares and comments. So go ahead and fearlessly create buzz in any community or platform.

Reward Distribution

  1. Participants need to submit information related to their completed content creation through a Google Docs list to the Owlto team. Afterwards, they will review the content every month and publicly announce the results through a list and a notice on the Discord announcement channel.
  2. Points will be associated with the wallet addresses provided by the users. Future empowerment will directly affect the wallet addresses.
  3. The “Owlto Star” role will be directly awarded by the Owlto team without requiring any action from the users.
  4. The 100/50/20 prize money will be distributed to the Top3 winners’ TRC20 wallet addresses provided after the announcement or by default to their Arbitrum network address.

Task submission channel:



Sep 20th- Oct 20th 2023

For further discussions, you can head over to the dedicated #owlto-star channel in our Discord community. Join us there to engage in more conversations and share your thoughts about Owlto Star!




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