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The “Owlto Referral Reward Program” uses a dual reward model of Commission and Bonus Points. When a referrer successfully invites a referee to complete a bridge transfer through Owlto, the referrer will receive a 10% Commission (provided by the official partner Maker) and Bonus Points. In addition, both the referrer and referee can receive point rewards after completing a bridge transfer. It should be noted that no commission or points will be generated when transferring on the testnet.

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Relationship between referrer and referee

1.Referral Link

Regardless of whether users visit the activity page directly or through a referral link, after connecting their wallet, a referral link will be automatically generated. You can copy and share this link on your social media, community, or with friends for promotion and receive benefits.

2.Referral Relationship Confirmation

In order to avoid the loss of the relationship between the referrer and the referee during the process of promotion or visiting the website, the referee clicks on the referral link of the referrer and connects the wallet, and will immediately receive a wallet signature request. This signature request is only limited to confirming the referral relationship and there will be no other permission requests. Please feel free to sign.

If you visit Owlto directly through the activity page and connect your wallet, instead of visit it through an referral link and connecting your wallet, you do not need to perform a signature operation.

Referral Rewards

  1. Commission:

Commission refers to income earned by a referrer through the profit-sharing incentive mechanism provided by Maker, based on bridge transfer made by the referee. Maker will allocate a certain percentage(10%) of the profit from the market-making fees of the day as commission, and distribute it equally based on the number of transactions made by the addresses that participate in bridge transfers. 100% of the commission will be given to the referrer. Maker will set up different commission pools for profits generated by bridge transfer of different tokens. If the referee makes bridge transfers with different tokens, the referrer will receive a corresponding commission for the respective token.

2.Bonus Points:

The referrer will receive an additional 30% bonus for the points earned by the referee through bridge transfer

Bridge transfer reward

Any address that successfully completes a bridge transfer through Owlto, whether as a referrer or referee, regardless of the amount and the network, will receive at least 100 points. The more bridge transactions accumulate, the greater the boost they will receive. Details are as follows:

That is, the point reward = 100 * boost

Validity period of referral rewards

After the referrer successfully invites the referee (determined by connecting the wallet), the commission and bonus points reward generated by the referee’s bridge transfer are valid for 3 months. That is, after 3 months, the referrer will no longer receive rewards from the referee’s bridge transfer. If the referrer needs to continue receiving rewards, it is recommended to continue inviting more referees.

Commission settlement time

Since Maker needs to first calculate the transaction data for the day, allocate a certain percentage of the day’s income to the bonus pool, and distribute it as commission to the referrer, the commission earned by the referrer will be settled after 00:10 UTC and will not be calculated in real-time based on the transactions of referee.

Commission withdrawal

  1. When the commission earned by the referrer is greater than 0.001 ETH, 1 USDT or 1 USDC, the referrer will be eligible to claim the commission, but the resulting gas fees must be borne by the referrer.
  2. In order to reduce gas costs and help users interact on zkSync, the Claim network will be launched on the zkSync Era mainnet.
  3. Owlto supports multiple token cross-chains, while Maker’s commission rewards are based on a coin-based model. Therefore, if the referee makes bridge transfers with multiple tokens, the referrer will receive commission rewards in different tokens. Users need to claim commission rewards separately for different tokens.
  4. In the commission income column of the referrer, if no commission has been earned, it will display 0 ETH. If commission has been earned for one token, the default display will show the claimable token and amount. If commission has been earned for multiple tokens including ETH, the default display will show the commission in ETH, and the commission for other tokens can be selected by clicking the dropdown button.

The value of points

Point is a very important credential for user activity and participation in the project. In the future, we will provide more possibilities for points, and Airdrop may be one of the possible benefits. The more points you earn, the greater the potential benefits you may receive in the future.



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